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At RiverKids, we believe the Bible should NEVER be boring, worship can be loud, and good leaders ALWAYS care.

The purpose of RiverKids is to connect all kids to a small group where they will unpack what it means to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We want kids to see how God’s word fits in their everyday lives and how God's truth shows them how to live and build friendships that will last!

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Babies and Toddlers

Our environment for birth - preschool-aged kids is the place where your little ones are introduced to their Heavenly Father. That is the most important thing we do for our little ones at RiverKids.

Our goal is to make a FIRST IMPRESSION of Jesus in such a way that it makes a LASTING IMPRESSION on the heart of a child. Every week we have an incredible opportunity, through animated bible stories, vibrant activities and lively worship, to make a connection to our Heavenly Father and believe that:

  1. God MADE me
  2. God LOVES me
  3. Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever


Grades K-6

Our environment for elementary-aged kids is place where our kids show up on Sunday mornings and realize that the Bible should NEVER be boring, that the best leaders ALWAYS care and friendships can be genuine and made to last a lifetime. We want to make sure that kids experience the joy of knowing their Heavenly Father!

By the time they enter middle school, our goal is that they will understand:

  1. I need to make the wise choice
  2. I can trust God no matter what
  3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated

Everything that we teach flows from these Three Core Truths.

We believe in an interactive approach. So, plan on a lot of jumping, singing, dancing, and laughter in every weekly RiverKids experience!


Grades 7-12

At Riverside we focus and place high value on the next generation. We want your teenagers to grow up making wiser choices, building stronger relationships, and developing a deeper faith.  RK Youth exists to love and lift Junior high and High school students by encouraging and challenging them to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to connect them to the heart of God, connect them to caring leaders, and connect them to other students.

Grades 7-8

In the middle school years, as preteens begin to personalize and own their faith. Our curriculum helps you break down concepts for your middle schoolers as they navigate the challenging transition from childhood to adolescence.

Grades 9-12

In the high school years, we want teenagers to deepen and personalize their faith. Our Curriculum helps your students navigate the unique challenges of high schoolers in a way that will stick with them long after they graduate.


The Creative Arts Ministry at Riverside seeks to help people have transformational encounters with Jesus. This is done by a passionate team of volunteers who use their creative talents to lead dynamic and vibrant worship experiences.
If you're interested in giving back with your time and talents, we invite you to join the Creative Arts Ministry in one of the following areas:


If you sing or play an instrument there’s a place for you! We combine traditional and contemporary styles of music in order to engage all ages and cultures in corporate worship and provide volunteer opportunities that are fulfilling and exciting.
If you are interested in using your musical talents please contact creativearts@riversidehaverhill.org.


Our technicians operate the audio and media (lyrics, scriptures, videos and announcements) elements to help support our worship services. Don’t have experience? That’s OK, we will train you!
To find out how you can become an AV technician please contact Matt Jones at matt@riversidehaverhill.org.


The Women's Ministry at Riverside offers a variety of opportunities to connect with other Christian women in order to encourage and build up one another.

Our mission is to connect women on every generation to grow with God and each other though, Studying God's Word, Serving Our Community and Sharing Our Faith, So that we are glorifying God in all we do.

Follow Riverside Church Facebook page and website for upcoming Women's Ministry Events.


The Men's Ministry at Riverside offers a variety of opportunities to connect with other Christian men in order to encourage one another in our marriages, parenting, and to build lasting friendships.

Join the Men's Ministry breakfast the second Saturday of the month for a time of studying God's word and fellowship.