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One Time Gift Offering

What an incredible season of blessing God has provided to the people of Riverside Church! If you haven’t had a chance to see the first week’s message of our newest mini series titled: Your Attention Please!, be sure to check it out! At the closing of the message I was able to share how for the first time in 50 years Riverside has a surplus in their budget. We went from being a church that was completely dependent on our reserves year after year to now being able to address some major issues that have gone largely ignored for far too long. 

In the Haggai series we recently begun we see that God calls out the nation of Israel after having spent 70 years under Babylonian captivity, He graciously allows them to return back to the promised land, and they wisely lay the foundation for their new temple. It seemed like after 70 years they realized the importance of placing God first. But 16 years later at the time in which Haggai was written the temple foundation was the only thing they did. Israel came out the gate strong but like many of us, they got distracted and God became an option as opposed to a priority. This results in the nation living under a curse. No food, no animals, crops weren’t producing and the few things the people were committed to doing left them feeling empty. I would define that as an unfulfilled life. It was at this time where God uses the Prophet Haggai to GET THEIR ATTENTION. God issues a challenge to the people by asking them to “consider their ways!” While God’s house laid in ruins they were enjoying their paneled homes and they wondered why there was no joy, no sense of purpose, no provisions and no peace! What we find is that a house and a people without God’s presence can NEVER become a home or a heart filled with joy. And when God speaks we must respond!

As Pastor of Riverside I have asked each of the people who consider Riverside Church their home to enter into a time of prayer and thoughtful consideration! To pray and consider how we as individuals and families can come together to financially support the work our church building is in need of.

The needs are clear. We have a roof that is 47 years old, a major shortage of adequate parking to support the growth we have experienced and some cosmetic repairs to the front of the church building. 

On Sunday September 26th we are asking everyone to take part in our One Time Gift Offering to make up the gap we must still meet to perform the work our church needs. After having spent weeks praying on an amount that God lays upon your heart…on the 26th we will gather and celebrate all that the Lord has done and will continue to do. Please engage. If it’s a one time gift offering of $1 or $10,000! Whatever the number is that God lays upon your heart, all we are asking is for you to respond and be faithful to God’s whisper in obedience.

This is an amazing time to be a part of God’s Kingdom and if Haggai will teach us anything its, when God speaks its wise to respond! God is speaking the question is how will we respond? 

We love you and we are praying for God to move mightily in your hearts and in your homes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need any form of ministerial attention or pastoral care.

Caught in the grip of His grace,

Pastor Mark Rivera