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So, What Do I Call You?

Over the course of my 40+ years of life I have been called many names, some kind and some very unkind. I’m pretty sure I have been called every name in the book.  But one of the most common questions I get either out in public when people find out I am a Pastor or even first time visitors not familiar with church is, “So, what do I call you?” I get that question so often that I felt I should write a quick blog about the subject.

Anyone who knows me will attest that I am not big on titles but I am big on honor. What do I mean by that? I believe many titles nowadays are typically given and assumed but rarely earned and deserved. I have a friend who once said, “Give me a servant towel over a title any day!” And I am a firm believer that while the office of a Pastor is worthy of honor because it’s a God-ordained role, it’s also a title that should be earned as well.

So when people ask me do I call you Father, Reverend, Pastor, or Mark? My answer is always the same. I explain that my calling as a Pastor is one of my life’s greatest honors. My name is Mark and I introduce myself as Mark when I first meet people. I encourage everyone to feel free to call me Mark until the moment if/and when I have earned the privilege of being your Pastor. Being called Pastor Mark by the people I lead is the greatest honor I could ever be blessed with. So, what do you call me? Mark is fine until you consider me your Pastor. When I am addressed as Mark I know where I stand in your life, and when you refer to me as Pastor Mark, the same is true and I have earned the title in your eyes and I will work diligently to not disappoint you and always direct you to Jesus. Hope this answers the question of what to call me?

Love y’all,

Pastor Mark or Mark (You choose)