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The Purpose for the Question

Here I am on the morning before I head out on a missions trip for the next ten days.

Going through the usual checklists, finishing touches on sermons I plan on teaching while I am in country….you know? Thinking I’m a big shot minister!

When I hear that gentle voice calling my name. Many of you who know would think, “There goes Pastor Mark hearing God again!” But that still small voice was my 5year old Joshua calling me from the bathroom saying, “Papi, I’m finished!”

That’s code for hey Mr Bigshot Preacher come over and wipe my bootie!

Now in the Rivera household we use environmentally friendly baby wipes, this may seem like too much information but I promise you it’s relevant.

Lately, I’ve noticed the wet naps have been extra wet. My gut was telling me that Joshua was adding water to them.

So as I approach Joshua this morning I asked him if he had been adding water to the wet naps when he immediately answered, “No” I quickly responded with, “Joshua, remember I will never get upset with you if you tell me the truth only if you lie.” He then looks down and sheepishly says, “Yes, Papi.” He looked emotional so I asked what are you feeling? He simply said, “I am sad cause I lied to you.”

Herein lies the lesson I got to experience first hand today. I as a father rarely ask my children questions I don’t already know the answer to. Our Father in Heaven operates in the same manner. When He asks a question it isn’t for the sake of finding out the answer to a problem, it’s to reveal a bigger problem deep within me that may need correction.

Joshua’s lie was a typical 5yr old lie not too much harm and not too much foul. But what happens when 5yr old boys and girls become men and women who haven’t gone through a Heavenly inspection of our hearts and of our character?

What happens when we become like Adam and Eve in the garden after they had sinned? Their first instinctive reaction was to hide from the shame of sin until God calls out to them asking them the question where are you?

Godly correction can only take place when we as children recognize where we are, the true condition we find ourselves in and allow the relentless love of our Heavenly Father to restore, renew, and saturate our souls with His comfort and correction that sometimes begins with a question! Love y’all!