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Update From India #2

Life is full of first time experiences. For me this was the first time I have ever been up for 2 whole days, the minute we arrived we hit the ground running and didn’t stop. Yesterday was a day unlike any other after taking part in a service for lepers. As the van pulled up to the church all we could hear were sounds of worship coming from the building. As we entered the building the look of joy that sat on everyone’s face was so overwhelming. Personally I thought they would be severely disfigured and very somber but what we experienced was the total opposite. Scriptures became so real to me yet again when Jesus said, “That with God all things are possible.” There is no other force in all of existence that could take a disease as debilitating as this and cause hope to arise and a heart to be free to worship the way these souls did yesterday. Worship was redefined for me in a such a powerful way. We sang and shared testimonies then fed them a meal and handed out beautiful scarves to the ladies while the men received blanket.

As the day went on our tiredness increased tremendously! But I had the privilege of attending an engagement ceremony for the children of two Indian pastors I had hosted here in the US two years ago. I made them a promise that I would visit India and they were so moved that they incorporated us into the ceremony. I hate to admit that I fell asleep sitting upright! LOL

Today I’m preaching in two churches, prayers appreciated. Thinking of my friends and family back home. Praying God meets each of you with His peace that surpasses all understanding. Perspective matters but more importantly is the One in whom we place our confidence in trust. Jesus never fails!