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What a Week!

Dear Riverside Family,

It truly has been an emotion-filled week. As a Pastor I have cried with some of you at the loss of loved ones, comforted others while getting some shocking and disturbing medical reports, we have suffered and hurt with others as they have dealt with huge injustices, but equal to that we have seen God faithfully comfort His people this week.

While we often experience the high’s and Low’s of life, I am grateful that God created us to have a wide range of emotions. However, he didn’t create emotions to have a hold of us. It’s important for us to remember that the God we serve is close to the broken-hearted and the Scriptures remind us that He collects every tear that we shed. He is a God who is moved by the things that move us yet He is so much greater than anything that can shake us, He is an anchor for our souls in unsettling times. Some of you have heard that our family experienced the death of our matriarch, my aunt Sara. For those of you who have reached out thank you. We ask for your continued prayers. She loved Jesus and is in glory, of that we are certain. We grieve but we grieve with the hope of a glorious reunion in Heaven!

Tomorrow I will be sharing part two of our Vision Sunday with an emphasis on Prayer. Please don’t miss it! Then Sunday Night we will have the Art of Marriage Date Night!! Can’t wait to share some fun and excitement with our friends and family.

We love you guys more than you can imagine! Let’s make angels rejoice in 2018!

In His peace,

Pastor Mark